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Prof.Dr. Olaf Schuiling, olivine expert: 'Let the earth help save the earth'
greenSand = Cleanup certified CO2 Semi-hardening Water Permeable
greenSand = Cleanup certified CO2 Natural Lime Substitute
greenSand = Cleanup certified CO2 Hoekse lijn Inspection Path
greenSand = Cleanup certified CO2 Sprinkle for the future of Earth
greenSand = Cleanup certified CO2 greenSand is cleaning up 26 million kilos of CO2


Is this Rock the Key to Climate Change?

"In 2008 I lived and worked in China and saw after the middle of the country was effected by a shallow, heavy earthquake - green coloured stones were falling down the hill, and this stone nearly hit my head...

Eddy Wijnker, Founder of greenSand

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Take carbon out of the atmosphere in a cost effective, sustainable way with greenSand CO2 Certificates

Team up against CO2, starting from as low as 32 euros

greenSand CO2 Certificates. The natural way to clean up CO2 production and to stop Climate Change

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greenSand Sand and Stone

The wide range of greenSand applications offer many possibilities. greenSand within civil (re) design projects makes climate-neutral implementation possible.

CO2 can be reduced to 100% by compensating the expected CO2 emissions with greenSand CO2 Certificates. Processed in roofing and tree substrates, greenSand cleans up carbon dioxide and greenSand fertilizes the soil sustainably.