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greenSand Sand and Stone

Cleaning up CO2, gives a CO2-neutral execution to renewal, upgrading or construction projects, and fertilizes the soil.

greenSand Sales Locations

greenSand Substrates

The greenSand potting and garden compost (RHP quality mark) are professional substrates, enriched with certified, fine crushed olivine. The substrates cleanup CO2, the are a natural nutrient enrichment, and ensure a loose and airy soil structure for a good root development.

greenSand lime substitute

greenSand olivine prevents acidification of the soil and the water. It is a sustainable lime substitute. 1 kg greenSand olivine replaces 1.43 kg of lime. At the same time gradually greenSand bleeds magnesium for optimal leaf-green and growth. Crushed olivine is a natural nutrient enrichment.

greenSand semi-hardening

greenSand semi-hardening is being refracted in various degrees in the stone quarries. The crushed olivine has a high hook resistance for a stable position of the pavement. The angular structure are excellent for flat walking traffic. They cleanup CO2, and recorded in greenSand CO2 Certificates.

greenSand Bulk

Depending on the applications, greenSand is delivered in desired fractions. The speed of sequestering the CO2 will be assessed on the basis of lifespan, humidity and fraction and recorded in greenSand CO2 Certificates. On the photo an inspection path of semi-hardening along the railway.