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greenSand cleans up certified CO2 with olivine

The activities are divided into profit and non-profit.

greenSand Home & Garden B.V.

greenSand Home and Garden B.V. are developing products as garden soil and potting soil for the consumer market. All products relevant to the market have been enriched with olivine to clean up CO2. greenSand Home & Garden spends 3% of its turnover on scientific research. The revenue model of greenSand Home & Garden attracts partners to jointly reduce CO2 emissions for the future of our planet.


greenSand Civiel B.V.

greenSand Civiel B.V. is developing products for the professional market in the civil and hydraulic engineering sector. The greenSand products are SGS certified and the CO2 is recorded in greenSand CO2 Certificates. The revenue models at the operating companies are attracting partners to jointly reduce CO2 emissions for the future of our planet. greenSand Civil is spending 3% of its turnover on scientific research. Shareholder is Van Dijk Maasland and they are supporting greenSand in the construction industry and civil engineering.


greenSand Stock N.V.

The social purpose of greenSand Stock N.V. is to make a contribution against climate change by sequestration the CO2 with olivine. The NPO achieves its goal by certifying greenSand Olivine and making it available to businesses in large quantities and at the lowest possible price. Since 2017, the 'Nationale Groenfonds' has partly financed the stock of olivine for greenSand. To acquire working capital, greenSand Stock N.V. issues bearer shares certificate. The fund is designed by shares certificate by greenSand Stock N.V. and contributed to the STAK (Stichting administratiekantoor). In the first instance, the STAK issues Certificate of bearer shares certificate with a minimum sum of five euros. The shares are certified, have no voting rights and are entitled to dividend and can be offered after two years. Everyone can invest in a healthy future of our planet.


greenSand Foundation

The foundation aims to develop knowledge about Olivine. The activities are carried out by greenSand's team and an alternate staff of material experts including Prof. dr. Dr. Olaf Schuiling and Pol Knops, Msc, University of Twente. The greenSand Foundation aims to achieve its goal by encouraging essential scientific research into the role of Olivine in the reduction of certified CO2, bringing together scientists, recruiting and guiding a network of ambassadors and raising funds for research and promotion.


greenSand shares expertise

Antea Group Nederland - International operated engineering and consultancy firm, market leader in outdoor sports facilities. From initiative to realization.

ETS Spoor is a partner for the railways.

Pol Knops Green Minerals is our permanent advisor and researcher in the field of Olivine and the sequestration of CO2.

Te-Bi provides the delivery of greenSand big bags throughout The Netherlands.

Van Dijk Maasland is shareholder in greenSand Civiel B.V. and supports the professional market for road and hydraulic engineering.