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greenSand = Cleaning up certified CO2 For a healthy future

Invest in greenSand Certificate for Bearer Shares

  • For the future of our planet;
  • Sprinkle against CO2;
  • Certified result, 1 kilo greenSand cleans up 1 kilo of CO2.

greenSand is cleaning up CO2 like the earth has been doing for billions of years. greenSand sand and stone ensures a healthy future for our planet. Sprinkle out or build as, for example, semi-hardening on parking place, preferably in the environment of (rain) water, to clean up certified CO2.

greenSand Certificate Bearer Shares is normally one euro in size and available for five euros. It is possible to buy multiple certificates for each amount, with a multiple of five euros. For more information: Eddy Wijnker +31 (0) 652 676 565 or use the contact form.


greenSand = cleaning up CO2 certified with Olivine by enhanced weathering

  • olivine (= mineral) reacts with CO2 and water;
  • 80% of all CO2 is safely stored in lime and dolomite rocks.

In 2015, the first shipload (3800 tons) of certified olivine arrived from Spanish quarries in Vlissingen. Thanks to this privately financed stock of olivine, it was possible to drastically lower the price. In 2016, this resulted in a first large order of 16,000 tons for the 'De hoekse Lijn' lane beside the railways (constructed at the end of 2017) and other large applications such as roadside dressing for N-roads, test track for asphalt road surfacing and semi-pavement in a city park.


Rules of Certificate for Bearer Shares

  • The fund is designed by certification of shares by greenSand Stock N.V. and contributed to the STAK (Stichting administratiekantoor).
  • The STAK issues holder depositary receipts with a nominal value of 1 euro.
  • The shares are certified, have no voting rights. They are entitled to a dividend after two years.
  • After two years, the depositary receipts for shares can be traded. In the future there will be a trading system / platform for this. Until then, transactions take place through the office of greenSand.
  • Dividend payment is made from 50 euros and can be done in:

i. Certificates of share holder

ii.greenSand CO2 Clearance Certificates

iii. In nature

  • 15% dividend tax is withheld upon payment.
  • Dividends below 50 euros will be credited to your account and will become available once the total exceeds 50 euros.
  • Investment takes place outside AFM supervision. There is no license and prospectus obligation for this activity.

greenSand is exempted from the approval of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets because the total amount of capital to be raised is a maximum of 2.5 million euros minus one eurocent.

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