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 Deltares Rapport: Olivijn legt CO2 vast in de gemeente Rotterdam

Deltares Rapport: Toepassing van olivijn in RWS-werken

 Poster Deltares Olivijn 2014

Enhanced Weathering

 Hartmann et al.: Enhanced Weathering, American Geophysical Union, 13/01/2013

 Forsterite Dissolution Kinetics 21 juni 2007 door Amanda Albright (Virginia State University)

 Economic Geology, Carbon Dioxide Fixation within Mine Wastes of Ultramafic-Hosted Ore Deposits, 8 december 2008 v. 104, pp. 95–112

 Enhanced weathering of olivine as a cheap and sustainable CO2 capture strategy door prof. Olaf Schuiling.


 LCA greenSand Spain - Nederland

Keleman and Matter

 In Situ Mineral Carbonation in Peridotite and Basalt for CO2 Capture and Storage

The effects of land plants on weathering rates of silicate minerals

 The effect of land plants on weathering rates of silicate minerals door Drever, 1993

CO2 disposal by means of silicates: oorspronkelijke idee van Seifritz 1990

 CO2 disposal by means of silicates door W. Seifritz, 1990


 Movares Rapport: Groene Schouwpaden

Olivijnseminar 2012

 9.00- 9.45 Opening door de dagvoorzitter Jan Stuip.

 9.45- 10.05 Inleiding en toelichting van de geologische cyclus. door Olaf Schuiling (Universiteit van Utrecht en Smartstones)

 10.05- 10.25 Enhanced Weathering of Olivine and the effects on the ”soils-grass”system using Pot Trials. door Hein ten Berge (Plant Research International, Wageningen UR)

 10.25- 10.45 Enhanced Weathering of Olivine: the Nickel Issue! Rene Rietra (Alterra, Wageningen UR)

 11.15- 11.35 The effects of adding Olivine to Digesters and its impact on CO2 emission and gas production. door Shiva Salek (TU Delft)

 Autogenerative high Pressure digestion door Ralph Lindeboom

 11.35- 11.55 Enhanced Olivine Dissolution in Marine Coastal. door Francesc Montserrat (NIOZ)

 11.55- 12.15 Environmentel impact of olivine applications. door Dr. Job Spijker (Laboratory for Ecological Risk Management, LER)

 13.40- 13.55 Inleiding en toelichting van de geologische cyclus. door Olaf Schuiling (Universiteit van Utrecht en Smartstones)

 13.55- 14.20 De Urgentie van het Klimaat! door Bart Verheggen (PBL/ECN)

 14.20- 14.40 Samenvatting ochtend programma door Pol Knops (Innovation Concepts)

 14.40- 15.00 Innovatie en duurzaamheid door Jan Rotmans

 15.00- 15.25 The results of the use of Olivine in the Construction of “Inspection paths” along railway lines (schouwpaden) door Joost Cornelissen (Movares)

 15.25- 15.50 Presentatie van het Deltares rapport: Results of the Use of Olivine in the Construction door Jos Vink (Deltares)

 Verslag Olivijn Seminar in Tijdschrift Milieu, februari 2013, door Joop van Ham en Pol Knops.

Graduation Research

 Technological Evaluation of Mineral Sequestration of CO2 by Carbonation door Xinchao Wei, 2003

 Assessing the Mineral Carbonation Science and Technology door Mabell Delgado Torróntegui, 2010


 CO2 Capture, Applications of Olivine / nr. 3 / 9 sept. 2009

New York Times

New York Times: Climate Tools Seek to Bend Nature’s Path/ 9 november 2014


NRDC: Olivine: Carbon Eater? A simple rock is being put forth as the solution to global warming./ 7 maart 2015

Stonemeal, project



Five Ways You Can Store Excess Carbon In Your Home, Literally/ 23 februari 2016